Henry Neeman's Travel Schedule 2019

Please note that this travel schedule is always tentative and subject to change without notice.

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If I'm out of town and you need to have paperwork signed (e.g., proposal routing sheets), you can have any of the following sign on my behalf: George Louthan, Ashish Pai, David Horton, Anna Vakulick.

Date Location Event
Tue Feb 26 -
Wed Feb 27
Norman OK Cyberinfrastructure Leadership Academy
Host, panel moderator
Wed March 27 -
Fri March 29
Reno NV University of Nevada Reno Cyberinfrastructure Day 2019
and Cyberinfrastructure collaboration visit
Keynote Speaker
Thu Apr 11 -
Fri Apr 12
Washington DC area Review panel
Mon May 13 -
Fri May 17
Norman OK Linux Clusters Institute intermediate workshop at OU
Sun June 2 -
Fri June 7
Norman OK Virtual Residency Introductory/Intermediate Workshop 2019
Workshop Host, Speaker
Sun July 28 -
Thu Aug 1
Chicago IL PEARC 2019 conference
Tue Sep 24 -
Wed Sep 25
Norman OK Oklahoma Supercomputing Symposium 2019
Conference Chair/Speaker
Fri Sep 27 Norman OK OU Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Symposium 2019
Thu Oct 10 Austin TX Open Storage Network Community Workshop
Tue Oct 22 -
Wed Oct 23
Dallas TX Campus Research Computing Consortium (CaRCC) Workshop
Wed Oct 23 -
The Oct 24
Dallas TX XSEDE Campus Champions Leadership Team Meeting
Sun Nov 17 -
Thu Nov 21
Denver CO SC'19 supercomputing conference

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